Alyse Mineroff


My Mission

I aim to help every pet owner I work with live in harmony with their canine companions. Taking both the needs of the human and the dog end of the leash into account, I’ll create a training plan that leaves you both happy and fulfilled. Raising a dog surely takes a village, and I am committed to being a supportive part of the team in your dog’s corner.

My Qualifications

KPA CTP – Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

Karen Pryor Academy is the gold standard for professional dog training programs. Certified Training Partners successfully complete an intensive training program that covers theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and effective coaching techniques. They have also demonstrated a high level of competency through a variety of examinations and practical assessments. Their education is centered around the most modern and scientifically-proven training methods.

CPDT-KA – Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed

The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers provides this certification to those who have demonstrated that they possess the knowledge and experience to work effectively with dogs and people. Certificants pledge to use humane, science-based training methods and are required to continue their education on a regular basis.

Hungry Dogs


Hunter is a German Shepherd who I raised from puppyhood to be a guide dog. While he excelled in the program, he was not qualified to guide due to a minor medical issue. We adopted him back as our forever pet, and he has since become my companion dabbling in dog sports and was my partner dog during my KPA program and certification!


Samus is a Samoyed who is quite fearful of the world around her. She has taught me so much about supporting a fearful dog and has no doubt made me a better trainer. In true Sammy fashion, she enjoys woo-ing, chasing frogs, and terrorizing her older brother.